Losing You

when you went to leave
and I watched you walk away
when I thought of all the
things I meant to say
when I fill the days between
with expectations
hopes and dreams
and strange as it seems
I’m losing you
I wonder do
you feel it too

when you’re here it’s so
clear all the things that
we could do
it’s so light and carefree it’s so
promising and new
and although I know its fine
still my mind is working
reading between the lines
I’m losing you
I wonder do
You feel it too

you’re drifting into a
world of your own
your expectations are
yours alone
you need to square
your big idea
and turn to see
the one who’s
waiting there for you

when I see you then
will we start again anew
will we say it straight
and try to make it true
and I’ll go if you command
and I’ll stay with a word
with a touch of your hand
either way I’ll understand
I’m losing you
I wonder do
you feel it too

Words and Music by John Hegarty © 2014